Tuesday, October 19

Isolation of NRA Kurokawa, former Diet chairman of the Diet, expressed concern

Kiyoshi Kurokawa, who was the chairman of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Investigation Committee (National Diet Accident Investigation) by the Diet, held a press conference at the Japan National Press Club on the 4th, and there is concern that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which was established after the Fukushima nuclear accident, will be isolated. Was expressed.

As a result of investigations including hearings from more than 1,000 people concerned, inspections of nine nuclear power plants, and overseas investigations, the National Assembly Accident Report found that the root cause of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident was “regulations” and “regulations”. In July 2012, we compiled a survey report stating that there was a social structure and situation peculiar to Japan that could be called “group contemplation.”

Mr. Kurokawa said, “There are voices from overseas that are worried about the isolation of the NRA,” and that the NRA has not received human cooperation from abroad and has been seconded from other government offices. He also questioned the independence of the staff.

He also expressed concern that Kyushu Electric Power had withdrawn the construction plan for the seismic isolated building that it had planned to install at the Kawauchi nuclear power plant. In response to the Diet accident-like hearing, Masataka Shimizu, then president of TEPCO, repeatedly emphasized the fact that “it would have been a difficult situation without the seismic isolation building.”