Tuesday, October 19

Parler suffers legal defeat

The online platform popular with right-wing extremists remains blocked on the Amazon servers. A judge points to Amazon’s attempts to stop the promotion of violence.

Legal dispute between the online network Parler and Amazon

Legal dispute between the online network Parler and Amazon

Dhe online network Parler, which is widely used by right-wing extremists, has suffered a defeat in the legal battle over its ban by Amazon. An American federal judge on Thursday rejected Parler’s motion to lift the lockdown. Amazon has “argued convincingly” that it would hinder the continued dissemination of Parler content in its efforts to prevent the promotion of violence via the Amazon services.

The decision by federal judge Barbara Jacobs Rothstein is only of a provisional nature. She pointed out that Parler has the option to pursue its lawsuit against Amazon.

Apple and Google also distanced themselves from Parler

Amazon deleted Parler from its server a few days after the storming of the Capitol in Washington by rampaging supporters of former President Donald Trump. Apple and Google also banned Parler from their app stores after the riots in Washington on January 6th. Parler has been offline since then and is looking for a new technical provider.

Parler accuses Amazon of not having been informed of the termination of its services in a formally correct form. With this, Amazon has committed a breach of contract, argues Parler.

However, Amazon said a few days ago that it had been in contact with Parler for several weeks. During this time there has been an increase rather than a decrease in “dangerous content” at Parler. This caused Amazon to suspend its services for Parler.

Parler launched in 2018 and is a home for right-wing extremists and other right-wing groups. Since corporations like Facebook and Twitter have been actively combating false reports as well as racist and violence-glorifying content, Parler has gained increased popularity.