Tuesday, October 19

Plastic manufacturers are targeted

Single-use plastics are becoming more and more of a burden for the earth. In a new ranking, environmentalists now list the largest manufacturers, shareholders and financiers of the plastic flood.

The plastic flood: a jellyfish seems to merge with the plastic waste.

The plastic flood: a jellyfish seems to merge with the plastic waste.

Dhe manufacturers of single-use plastic, their banks and shareholders are coming more and more into the focus of environmentalists. Their campaigns are now reminiscent of those who meet the promoters of fossil fuels such as coal. The foundation of one of Australia’s richest arch billionaires now names Ross and Reiter: The Minderoo Foundation in Perth, Western Australia has compiled a list of the largest plastic manufacturers and their financiers, which activists with great interest should use. Because despite the growing headwind, global single-use plastic consumption could increase by a third within the next five years.

“With more than 130 million tons, single-use plastic accounts for around a third of the total amount of plastic. Not only does it represent practically all of the visible pollution in the oceans, but it also contributes to air pollution when burned, ”says Dominic Charles of the Minderoo Foundation. She won’t be an easy opponent. Behind her is the family of Andrew Forrest, who made his billions by founding the Fortescue Metals Group. Among other things, Minderoo publishes the highly regarded annual slave labor index. Forrest is currently going through a green transition and is negotiating large-scale projects for environmentally friendly energy supply with governments of developing and emerging countries, for example (FAZ, June 16).